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Admin/Biog History Sebastian Genter was probably born in Sabeck, Baden Germany circa 1801. He served eight years in the Artillery Brigade of the Baden Army from 1822-1830. He married and had at least three children: Theresia; Ludwig (Louis); and Conrad. His wife's name is unknown and she probably died prior to 1853, since her name does not appear in immigration documents. The family immigrated from Germany through New York in 1853 when Sebastian was fifty-two years old. His daughter Theresia was married in Oshkosh on January 2, 1854. He was living with his two sons in the 2nd Ward of Oshkosh in 1860 and worked as a day laborer. He was listed in 1868 as a carpenter boarding at 95 Washington Street in the city of Oshkosh. Louis and Sebastian Genter were also boarding at that address. He died in Oshkosh on March 7, 1878 and was burried the following day at Riverside Cemetery.
Classification Archives
Collection Small Collections, People
Dates of Accumulation September 3, 1853
Abstract Passenger Contract and Ship's Record for Sebastian Genter and his family from the Gand Duchy of Baden, to London, England and New York, NY.:

Agency No. 384

Documentation of the obligations of the undersigned Carl Ahlborn of Mainz, Special Agent of 16 Packet Ships regularly running between London and New York, representing as the appointed chief agent of the Grand Dukedom of Baden, Mr. C. Nestler & Company, merchants, located in Mannheim, the bearer:

Sebastian Genter 52 years old from Sasbach Baden
Thersia Genter 22 years old from Sasbach Baden
Ludwig Genter 9 years old from Sasbach Baden
Conrad Genter 7 years old from Sasbach Baden
Marianna Trogis 60 years old from Burgheim

to transport three adults over 12 years and two children under 12 years, likewise no infants under 1 year, totaling five persons, from Mannheim to London by way of Mr. Baring, Brothers & Company and Phillips, Shaw & Lowther in London, to New York on a designated Packet Ship with a named Captain under the following conditions:

1. On the journey from Mannheim to London the emigrant will receive the necessary accommodation in the third place (steerage) of the steamship and will be accompanied by a conductor as far as London.
2. On the steamship and railroad, until arrival in London, the emigrant is responsible for his own boarding and lodging.
From time of arrival in London until their departure on the designated Packet Ship, apart from acts of God, the passengers are lodged and boarded free and at the cost of the undersigned.
3. Each adult gets free transportation for two hundredweight and each child one hundredweight of baggage from the port on the Rhein at Mannheim to London. Passengers with cargo over this weight for this part of the journey will be separately charged 45 kreuzer per hundred. From London to New York, all baggage is free, provided that it does not exceed 20 cubic feet for each adult and 10 cubic feet for each child; otherwise in London they must pay 12 florins for each 40 cubic feet overweight. On the other hand, the baggage is brought on the steamship and into the sea-going vessel at the expense of the undersigned.
Each piece of luggage must be marked with the name of the emigrant and the inscription "Via London to New York."
4. All costs and tariffs at the border toll calculated for the unrestricted passage of the emigrant and his party, likewise their baggage, are carried by the agent.
5. NOTE. This paragraph pertains to insuring baggage against damage at sea and includes blank spaces for amounts of insurance and premiums.
The bearer of this declares that no insurance against sea damage is taken.
6. The contracting agent further undertakes from the emigrant the specific obligation:
a. that by Acts of Parliament of the English government, passed 1 October 1849, during the entire duration of the sea voyage, the emigrant will receive weekly from the captain of the ship 5 ounces ship's biscuits, 2 ounces flour, 2 ounces rice, as well as 4 lots of tea and 1 ounce sugar or syrup of good quality per adult, children receiving one half, freely divided and supplied; those provisions which cannot be eaten uncooked will be given out cooked every day at noon;
b. that the emigrant requires space, bedding, room in the kitchen for cooking, good and sufficient drinking water, wood and light, as well as being able to rely on receiving medicine as necessary on the ship.
c. that the emigrant has nothing further to pay for the transport of their effects except the freight determined in paragraph 3.
d. that upon arrival in America the payment of Head and Hospital tax in paragraph 10 is included over the price of the trip.
e. that for each day the designated departure is delayed at the port on the Rhein, at no fault of the emigrant, each adult will receive 49 kreuzer and each child 28 kreuzer . This remuneration is assured and carried out without reservation if the delay is caused through the fault of the agent or by coincidence, acts of God not excluded.
f. that the emigrants receive sufficient food during the sea voyage, if the same was assumed by the agent.
g. that if the ship concerned through some accident is prevented from continuing on the journey, the emigrants and their effects will be brought to New York, for the stated price of the crossing.
h. NOTE: this is something in legal-eze about the rights of the agent of this contract to make objection to ordinances in foreign countries which go against the agreement with the emigrant, particularly in port cities, and that if disputes result they will be turned over to the envoy or consul of the Grand Dukedom of Baden to be settled in a friendly way.
i. that the emigrant, if he desires, may remain in port after arrival of the designated ship, for 48 hours.
7. That the emigrant has to provide necessary bedding, cooking, eating and drinking utensils for himself.
8. If incorrect data concerning the age of the children or the number of persons is given, the contracting emigrant must absolutely pay the full price of transportation of an adult for each incorrectly indicated person at that place where the incorrectness is discovered. For the stay resulting from it then the Accordant does not have legal claims on remuneration.
9. People afflicted with infectious diseases cannot disembark; however, after their recovery they can arrange transportation on the first departing Packet Ship, naturally up to then without remuneration for their stay.
Landing in New York is lawfully forbidden for the following persons:
1) The mentally ill; one-eyed, blind, deaf, mute;
2) Frail, particularly those who are found to be in a crippled condition, without relatives who are capable of working;
3) Women with small children and pregnant women without husbands, unless they are coming first, especially the women with small children, and their husbands to follow;
4) People over 60 years old without relatives capable of working [to support them];
and these must be returned from there by the Agents and Conductors. Should one of these be determined in London, the undersigned commits himself to supply the concerned people with passage free of charge back to their homeland.
10. The entrance of the named persons, who understand and accept all conditions of this contract, have the obligation to pay before the departure to pay:
1) A crossing fee for 3 adult persons . . . . . . . . . . . . . at 48 florins . . . . .144 florins
A crossing fee for 3 children from 1-12 years . . . . at 38 florins . . . . . 76 florins
2) For remaining provisions at sea - meat, butter, potatoes or dry vegetables, bottle of vinegar and salt ............................................................ None indicated
In Total . . . . 220 florins
In Gulden Two Hundred Twenty
Whereupon at the time of this agreement the amount mentioned in No. 1 was received and owners of the Packet Ship received notice of the receipt in writing.
11. The contract cannot be amended and at no time, particularly on the journey, can be waived by the creation of a new contract. The contract pertains only to the persons specified and no other, and cannot be transferred to another, without compromising rights and being obligated for the stipulated requirements of the damage resulting from the substitution.
After the emigrants sign the present contract a new passage contract with another agent will be made, and emigrants are obligated to, to pay the signatory agent two thirds of the passage money stipulated in paragraph 10 as remuneration.
Signed at Mannheim 1 September 1853, in two copies, and each one handled as an original.

Signature of the emigrant: For Carl Ahlborn,
The appointed Chief Agent fur the Grand Dukedom of Baden
/s/ J. C. Nestler & Co.

SEAL: Agent for Packet Ships
Carl Ahlborn
London - New York

(1) For a deposit of 40 florin on the above amount, meaning 40 Gulden, the bearer will embark on 8 September this year departing from London to New York on the packet ship New Ship with registered Captain, and on 6 September from Rotterdam and on 3 September from Mannheim.
Mannheim the 1st September 1853
J. C. Nestler & Co.
/s/ signature

(2) The remaining part of the amount to be received is 180 florins, meaning 180 Gulden.
Mannheim the 1st September 1853
J. C. Nestler & Co.
/s/ signature

(3) This paragraph, which is crossed out, would indicate how much the bearer paid for rations at sea, including bed, covers and cooking utensils.

Special Agency for the London & New York Line of Packet Ships.
Passengers Contract Ticket.
N Mayenne, 3rd day of September, 1853
Ship __________ of 1500 Tons Register to sail from London to New York on the 8th day of September, 1853 with not less than Twenty Cubic Feet for each Statute Adult, for the sum of 48.38 florins including Government Dues before Embarkation, and Head Money, if any, at the Place of landing, and every other Charge, and I hereby acknowledge to have received in Payment Sum of 220 florins.
In addition to any Provisions which the Passengers may themselves bring, the following Quantities, at least of Water and Provisions will be supplied to each Passenger by the Master of the Ship, as required by Law, also Medicine, in case of need, Fires and suitable Places for cooking, 3 Quarts of Water daily, 5 lbs. Bread or Buscuit, not inferior in Quality to Navy biscuit, 2 lbs. of Flour, 2 lbs. of Rice, 2 Ounces of Tea and 1 lbs. of Sugar, per Week.
Utencils for eating and drinking and bedding to be provided by the Passengers.
Received in Payment
220 florins, 2 kr. Mayence, 1 September 1853.

The bearer of this contract has to report upon arrival in Mainz to Special Agent Carl Ahlborn, No. 502 Rheinstrasse Colonade, in order to sign the Contract and to receive tickets and cards,
and are reminded to keep the contract after arrival in America, since it will serve as authentication of their arrival and in case of illness or other circumstances be of necessary support
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Language German
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Object Name Contract
People Genter, Sebastian
Genter, Ludwig (Louis)
Genter, Theresia
Genter, Conrad
Trogis, Marianna
Subjects Immigrants
Title Passenger Contract and Ship's Record
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