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Letter written by John Elliot in Omro, Wisconsin to his daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth Elliott Read. It is not clear where the Reads are now living, but it is probably Indiana as they continue moving west. The Elliott and Read families had emigrated to the US in 1851 from England. The letter discusses family life and the hopes that the Reads would settle in Omro. There are also notes at the end from other family members in Omro: Omro July 13th 1854 Dear Son and Daughter I take great pleasure once more in writing a few lines to you hoping they will find you both in the enjoyment of very good health, also all your little ones. We all at this time are very well except your Dear Mother and she is not well at all, but she is somewhat better than when you had the last letter from us. She is not able at present to do anything and I don't know what we should have done had Emma Eliza left us. She got married to Stephen on the 12th of June [Emma Eliza Elliot married Stephen Stabey in Winnebago County] and they are at present living with us. For we could not get along without Emma. But Stephen is getting lumber ready to put up a home this fall on his place and then we expect they will leave us. By then we hope your Dear Mother will be got quite stout again. She has so much pain in her back and loins and altogether very weak. I have got her strengthening plaster for her back and red port wine for her belly. So with the blessing of God I hope it may bring her about again, but it must be with very great care. John and Hannah are well and doing well in the wood. Mary Ann and George [Challoner] are gone back to their farm. Mary Ann is not very well nor George. William [Elliott] is well and doing well. He is now working on the brickyard. Sam (?) is not very well. Turn over the leaf. Josiah is quite well, but Elizabeth is pretty sick. She has just [illegible] in and got a pretty little girl named Maria. They are at the farm, but Josiah is going up about 60 miles to work at a mill for Park Tuttle and the Doctor. Charles and Sarah is very well and live and work in Algoma. They was here on the 4[th] and spent a week amongst us. We expect they are going to leave Algoma and going to work for Park Tuttle and the Doctor. But, this moving about we hate. Now back to you again. We all was glad to hear the you got along pretty well considering all things and that John was some better. Hoping he will get quite stout and come home and settle down. I have made all inquiry I could about village lots, but a great many are bought up. They are selling from 50 to 60 dollars a lot, those that are any good. Why 2 lots would be plenty for you if you think of coming here. I want to advise you not to build there at all, but you know the best. I want to say save all the money. You can bring it here and settle down and live to God and he will bless you. Oh how we all wish you was here. We have received that 3 dollars of Charles' for which we thank you. I have spoke to the Doctor about 4 lots, but he tells me what lots. He has got over (?) one house and another there in different places, but he thinks he could get 4 all together and he would let me know. But I have not seen him since, so you must make up your minds and send me word what you think of doing about it and I will write to [you] again and send you all the particulars. Please to write by return Post and send us all particulars. This comes with all brothers' and sisters' love to you, also your Dear Father's and Mother's love till Death. John and Mary Elliott We now [illegible] you write soon, I say very, very soon. [In another hand] Dear Lizzy be as Dear Sissey, be as good as your promise. [In another hand, probably sister Emma Eliza Elliott Stabey] Dear Lizey be as good as your promise and write us a long letter the next time and then I will answer it. You must excuse me writing this time as I have had so much to do of late. Good by for the present and I except both my [illegible]. Stephen sends best love to you both and a many kisses for the dear children. God bless you and them also and make them comforts to you. [In a different hand, but more legible than the previous] Dear Lisey be as good as your word and write us a good long letter the next time and then I will answer it. You must excuse me writing this time as I have had so much to do of late. Good by for the present and accept both my and Stephens very best wishes to you both and many a kiss for the dear children. God bless you and them too and make them comforts to you. Now be sure to write very soon. John [Running parallel to the above text] John Read Elizabeth Read John E. Read Mary E. [A sketch for the floor plan of a five room house measuring 24' x 29' is drawn on the back.] Notes read: Shingles 15.00 Studding 3.00 White wood Flooring 6.00 [Another note on the back in very feint and small handwriting.] better by stopping up there. You had better not leave you said. If you had come here, I did not calculate for you to work yourself to death. You said it has fetched you down considerable this summer. Well how much better are you of for it had you been with me you would not have had to go without the necessities of life as you have done before now if I have got a lame leg. You say there is foundries near you but do you consider the difference there is in wages between there and here.
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