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Diary written by William Lockwood documenting he and his daughter Harriet Lockwood's trip from New York via the Erie Canal and Great Lakes to Sheboygan, through Fond du Lac, to visit Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He records his observations of the new settlement while staying in Algoma with his oldest daughter, Esther Lockwood Bediant, and son-in-law, William Bediant. He also records his return trip through Waupon, Jefferson, and Milwaukee. A trip to Wisconsin Sept 16th 1847 written by Wm Lockwood [ ] of Mrs Wm Bedient who came to Wis to live in 1846 page 1 William Lockwood And Daughter thare travvel to Bufalow and through the Lakes to Wisconsin and over Sevon Countys in the teratory in the Eight County you Will See before I Got home to Kelloggs Till again __________________ Thursday morning Sept 16th of 47 a fine Morning We started from home to Journey to take the Canall to Bufalow took a Line Coat to Bufalow at 6 Oclock at 3 Cents per mile With bord __________________ Friday morning quite plesent Sept 17 in the Vilage of Clide and All is Well at 12 Oclock in the Vilage of Lyons quite a business plase Good [ ] _________________ Saturday Sept 18th at 11 Oclock in Rochester and all is well stayed 3 Hours Nature Has Done mucle at 2 this plase and art much more took a view of the falls Splendid water power with Splendid powring Mills the gratest I ever Saw went in to 3 of them the Largest all Over quite a Cuiosity the Splendid aquaduct a gratte piece of workmanship [ ] filled with astonishment and Wonder Went into a mashene Shop the gratest in the World for What I no this much I Doe no it is the Gratest I ever See thare was Every kind of tool that I Evver thought of thare is nothinng that you Can nam but what was thare all finished in the best manner went through the City it is a handsom place with Splendid buildings and Many stors 3 Sunday Sept 19th on the long Canal 65 miles at [ ] just raned hard through the nite still ranes but all well 10 Oclock at Albion it is a fine plase payed at this plase to Bufalow for two pasengers $5=22 it Still ranes Counry [ ] ____________________ Munday Sept 20th Still ranes 4 Oclock at tonewanda at the Gard lock 12 miles this Side Bufalow all well at in Oclock at black Rock in fare Site of Caneda and to Apperance a fine Country at 12 Oclock in Bufalow Harret weell my Self Well it is a fine City now the troubles Come I have got to move I have to Look up a Good Steem boat that is going to Cheaauga in [ ] I Want to land at Shebaugen Wisconsen 4 As Good Luck Would have it I Come a Crost the Louisianna A Splendid boat Gowing out that nite at 7 Oclock She Was a Splendid boat I thought I Could Doe no better Mr Richards the Capt Apered to be a fine man Cabben passage for Harrett and my Self $20=00 I Says I Will Go With You my next trouble Was to find Harret and moove A bord the Lousiana but that I got along Within a short time I had one hour to Spend in Walking over the City as Good luck Would have it I had the Company of a man by name Hiram Blosam now lives in [ ] henry County Come On board at Jourdon and Goes all the round With one he is a fine 5 man he had been Several times up And Down the lakes So we Spent this hour in looking Over the City it is truly a City of Some magnatude it has the Appeance of a grate Commertial City it looks like a Seaport the most Elegant Steem Boats I Evver Saw With Brigs Scooners and Sloops in grate Number all as busily Engaged loding or unloding And as heavvy Stores as I Evver Saw in New York but the hour is up So We must go aboard We are Off __________________________ Sept 21st this is tuesday at Eria at Day lite here Stayed on hour did not Go a Shore quite Roughf at 12 Oclock Oposite Ashtabula A handsom place in Ohio 6 Harret Sea Sick it is quite Ruff my Self Well at 2 Oclock Oposite fareport Whare Grand Rivver Comes into the Lake this is Ohio it is quite a fine plase to aperance Did not land Harret Was better but Could take no Dinner my Self Well at 6 Oclock in Cleavland Ohio thare Stayed one hour thare for the first time I Stept my foot in the Ohio went Some Piese up the Canall then of East of the Land it Was quite broken quite Sandy looked poor I Did not like it thare Was fruit of all kinds in abundance Water and muskmelions as nise as I Evver Saw butiful peaches and appels Harret Smart likewise mySelf ___________________ 7 Wensday morning Sept 22nd a fine morning in Detroit River at 6 Oclock at fort Molden Stayed one hour did not Go ashore but had a fare view of Caneda this is the fort that General Perock Commanded When he Crosed the River above Detroit When General Hull Was Govanor of the terratory of Mishegan General Hull being the Commander of the fort Surrendered [crossed out: and] up all his Army to the British Harret Well and Well plesed we had A merry Company the Capt. Sayd over 900 pasengers I Saw the fort on the River Mishegan Side it is a butiful Spot of Ground With nice Banks on the Rivver and the Surrounding Country back looks butiful weare off 8 at 4 Oclock a hevvy fog on the Rivver at 10 Oclock in Detroit Stayed one Hour went on Shore quite low and muddy Along the Rivver the Whole Length of the City but after you git up to the 3 Street it is levvel and Handsom from the life and anemation that I witnessed thare I Should think it was a plase of much business it bounds on the river I Should think 2 miles No Elegant buildings but hevvy stors of Goods the Country is Sandy it looks poor I Did not like it at 12 Oclock Oposite the Lite house Enter Lake St. Clare this is a butiful Lake to aperance the Water looks Clear and pure Can hardly Discover Land on the Caneda Shore at 3 Oclock 9 through Lake St Clare Enter the rivver that Connverts St. Clare Lake with Lake Huron this is narrow and rocked with hevvy marshes on both sides for miles in length at 4 Oclock oposite ([ ] ) on the Rivver the Land on both sides of the Rivver has a better aperance the Shores on both Sides apears to be Dry land but Verry Levil as far as you Can See at 6 Oclock Oposite New port on the Rivver this is 50 miles from Detroit the Country on both Sides of the Rivver is butiful Wedth of the Rivver at this plase half a mile at 7 Oclock at China Stopped to take on Cole Went on Shore and Some piese back from the Rivver Verry Levvel With hevvy 10 White Oake timber Sandy Soil looks poor I Dont like it 20 miles to Lake Huron length of the Rivver 70 Miles Harret Well I Call my Self well ______________________ Thirsdy morning Sept 23rd Verry plsent at 12 Oclock Got up feel bad found my Self in Lake Huron Oposite the Lite house Entering thunder Bay Island this is a butiful Lake the [ ] water I Evver Saw I have not ate any thing in 24 Hours Last nite a hevvy fit of the ague while riting Cant See land on neither Side at 4 Oclock evening at fort Mackinaw Stayed 1 hour Did not go ashore I was flat on my back in my birth I got a Box of pills of a qwac that was a 11 bord that me verry Sick through the nite but beleave thay Done me much Good at last Harret Well and Well plezed with her Company She Calls it first rate as to my Self I Dont no _____________________ Friday morning Sept 24th at 8 Oclock Got up feel better Harret Well as butiful morning at 9 Oclock to the Maneto Islands this is quit a cuiosity it is mountons of Land on Every Side at 10 Oclock in Lake Michigan Cannot See land on the Caneda Shore Verry plesant I feel better took 2 Cups of Coffe And a piese of trout but Could not eat much Harret well at 1 Oclock no land to be Seen on Either Side at this time I Set on the Starn of the boat it is verry plesent 12 I feel better at 6 Oclock in Site of Wisconsen at 7 Oclock along Side the pier in Shebaugen this pier is built out into the Lake half mile boats Cannot land here in Rough Wether but we are heer All Safe Walked acrost to pier to the Shore of the Lake then took a Caraige to Chebaugen Hotell a good house it is half a mile from the Shore to the Vilage had a Verry Comfortabel nite Rest Raney through the nite with Heavy Winnd Harret Well my Self better _____________________ Saturdy morning Sept 25th a fine morning at 9 Oclock took the stage to fondelack 40 miles this a Central place in fondelack County the first 12 miles to Shebaugen falls 13 is verry broken ups and Down all the way the land is quite Sandy and poor I Did not like it We Stopped at the pubbs Stayed Some littel time the Inhabatants looks poor no Corn no potatoes hevvy frost 18th July that kiled Every thing no Water no brooks no Springs but marshes Slews and Swamps on Evry Side not hevvy timbered principly White Oak from the falls Soon Comes the hills Rocks and Stones We Soon Come onto a Chain of hills Caled potash kettel hills Extends about 8 miles this is the Rufest poorest Country I evver See Covered With hevvy White Oak timber verry Large I Cant liken these hills to any 14 thing Else but to turn a potash kettel bottum Side up then imagen Your Self on the botam the next minet on the Side of it the next minet rite under it and You Will have Some idea of it Verry thinly Settled Some had begun and Others had left hevvy frost in July and first of Sept for a moment Consider Your Self on the Worst part of Linndstrom ridge before You git to Jourdon and this is ten times as bad as that Would be I Would not take 10000 acers a gift this Chane of Hills thay tell me runs through the length of the teratory the Corse of these hills is out of the North East to the South West till thay Strike Ilanois after We got Over these hills 15 the Country is better not Verry levvel but Verry hevvy timber Some Oak Some beach and mapel Some Cherry Some basswood Some butternut Very [crossed out: hevvy] hevvy timbered but Wonderfully Cut up With Slews and Swamps on Evrey Side it is poor for farming purposes it is so broke up With those Swamps and Slews as thay Call them pased by Govenor Doties mantion house it put me in mind of Jogers Mantion house up to Care Swamp it was a littel better but not much but the land not half as good for 10 miles before we got to fondelack I had but an Evning View of the Country it was moon lite and verry plesent first five miles bur Oake opens 16 With hevvy Marshes one marsh that We crosed Contained hundreds of Acers Whare we crossed it was Over 100 Rods acrost they have haled the bodies of trees and layed them side by side Close to gether and We Cross on them they make this fording place 20 feet Wide thay tell me that the mud and water is 20 feet deep I Saw one horse that Got of and was Drownded Whare We Was Crossing Cattel Cannot pass on those marshes the other 5 miles is the most of it is praira as levvel as the Otion but too low for Wheat Our butiful Stage is A Corrmon lumber Waggon made to the East hevvy and Strong at 10 Oclock in the Evvning arrive 17 at fondelack as tired as I Evver Was in mylife riding in a lumber Waggon Over this tegious road and Harret likewise but all is Safe so far _____________________ Sunday morning Sept 26th a fine morning quite Warm Harret Well I Call my Self quite Smart Considering my fateage Yesterday as to Shebaugen I Will give my Opion of that plase it nevver Can Doo much Nature has throwed many things in the Way No Good Landing on the Lake nor nevver Can be With out a hevvy [ ] over it is but a Small plase nor nevvr Will be if it was a good Country but it mite Yet be Something but that [ ] So it is poor as to the road it is as bad as bad Can be General 18 Government 2 years ago apropriated money to Cut out this Road to fondelack now the peopel wants to have Government work the road for thay are poor and but thinly Settled ([ ] are fore I think She baugen) Cant Do much. but to return at 8 Oclock took brekfast have to lay over to Day no Stage to Oshkosh fox Rivver till to morrow at this time I Sit on the East bank of Fondelack Rivver one mile and a half up before it gits to the Winnebago Lake I will tell you a littel about this plase it is 1/2 mile from the Lake on the South Shore it is a handsom place the mane Road from the Lake to milwaka Goes through this Vilaige 19 North and South Verry Strate and Handsom on the Est thare is a large praira frunting the Vilage 3 miles acrost levvel as the Otion Comes Clear up to the Vilage but too low for wheat 40 rods west of this Vilage is Whare I Sit on Fondelack Rivver at this time Oposite the new Cort House and Jail put up this Summer it bids fare to be quite a business plase the tavvern whare I put up is a good house and Harret quite Comfortabel and Well plesed With her Company I told her I Would take a Walk to See the Country in this Walk I Saw a man that had just Shot a Verry Large buck the fatest I Evver See it was plum two inches on the brisket 20 Clear fat Saw a Sand Hill Crane it was tame Verry gentel You Could handel it thay told me that thay livved in those praries thay grow Large Saw peach trees two years groth looked fine Saw a number of young appel trees thay look fine Verry thrifty Cut Saw no tame grass the land is rich and Strong but too low for Wheat it is quite a inland place being 75 miles to milwaka and a bad Road and 40 miles to Shebaugen the Worst of all roads thay will pay 50 Cents for Wheat thare is 3 Stores in the Vilage I Went in to them all thay Do a Small business I Should think but it is a growing place thare is a frenchman Come in 21 this Summer has put up a large publick House 3 storys hie large on the ground but not finished yet but purty much Enclosed Saw a fine groth of potatoes but poor in Consequence of the frost See no Corn at this plase no Corn no potatoes this Side of Shebaugen that is 40 miles _____________________ Mundy morning Sept 27th this is a butiful morning Clear and Warm took breck fast then took the staige for Oshkosh on for Rivver West Side of Lake Winnebago Started at 8 Oclock Distance 25 miles Harret Well but not Well my Self got to Bedients at 2 Oclock as Good Would have it Without any misfortune al the Escaped many Seen Dangers, the Corse of the road 22 a littel above west Everage Distance from the Lake one mile this is principally timber land mostly Oak Some Hickery the first 15 miles is timber land Worse than no Road atall Slews and Swamps all but impasabel but We got along the Other 10 miles is Opnings bur Oak Verry levvel more Open than our Orchards Everage Something like 40 to the Acer Say 10 inches through I Did not Cross one Stream of Water big nor littel nor See one Spring nor one Well in the Distance Some few Scatring Settlers but look verry poor Did not See any Wheat Stubbel nor one hill of Corn but Some potatoes but thay Was Spilt With 23 [ ] the frost Saw Several Small fields Sowed to Wheat it looked well the Country is all but a Dead levvel but full of low plases Covered With poppel and Willows with blue goint as hie as my head but I Shall Sum up this Days travel advantages and Disadvantegs With A Scarsety of Water and Say I Would not take 10000 acers a gift ______________________ tuesday morning Sept 28th to Bedients Harret Well but the under lip is Down it is new Company my Self I Call Well Esther Sick a bed littel Mary Sick Doctor Whippel thare Evra Day but this morning Esther is better but Verry feebel I think little Mary is quite Smart 24 after breckfast I With Harret [ ] and George took quite a walk went in to the Shore of the Winnebago Lake this is East of Bedients half a mile thare Was George Baley Sawing up pine logs for Shingels the finest pine I Evver Saw Could not See land amongst the Lake went into a piese of Corn in the Lake Shore the bigest Corn I Evver Saw Stalks 12 feet hie not touched With the frost the Corn half hard I Should think the bigest pumpkins I Evver See it is all bur Oak Opnens to Bedients Half a mile all but a dead levvel no Springs no brooks but few Wels as Yet Bedient fetches Evra drop of Water that he has half a mile 25 he has no Well Yet I Returned to the House With my littel boys took my Dinner Saw but one man in this Walk that was George Baley after Dinner I took another Walk Went toWards fox Rivver Saw Verry Hevvy Corn Went in to it the Ears higher than my head Went into a Wheat Stubbel thout it Could not turn over 7 bushels per Acer this is Mr Smiths Bedients Neighbour Saw Some of the Wheat it was as Good as I Evver Saw this field Contaned 40 acers Joining this field mister Smith had 100 acers in one field Sowed to Wheat it looked butiful thare had not been one Stick Cut on the 100 acers it is 26 all but Oak Opnens Say I out of 10 hickry it was all girdled he told me that he Should take it of this winter went to fox Rivver Crosed over to Oskosh went half a mile back from the vilage it is all bur Oak both Sides of the Rivver quite a ways on both Sides at this plase it is 60 rods acrost thay tell me that is 30 feet Deep it is quite a Slugish Stream the water looks pison the Vilage of Oskosh is on the East Shore of the Rivver Say 80 rods before it Emties into the Lake it is a plase of not much business nor nevver Can be no Water power no mills no manufactorying Establishment thay have Got 4 27 littel Stores Without any thing in them $1000 awt to by them with the buildings I See nothing this day that I like all things Considered the land it Self is first rate but too many things against it Saw no body Well this day it is now Dark and I lay my Corse fore Bedients git thare tired of walking _____________________ Wensdy morning Sept 29th this is a butiful morning Clear and Warm verry plesent Esther is better littel mary is better Harret Well my Self I Call Well Went Over Bedients plase it is a littel [ ] but Verry levvel all bur Oak no under brush Some Stone but first Rate land for Wheat no Water Say one out of 10 hickry 28 He has got a Comfortabel House it is tite and warm on the publick road from Oskosh to Wapon So to Watertown in Jeferson County I am now tired of walking and it is nite ______________________ Thirsdy morning Sept 30th it is quite Warm and plesent Esther quite Smart littel mary quite Smart Harret Home Sick my Self Well the Rest of the family all well After breckfast I took another walk of South and West its all bur Oak Opnens Saw a manomey Indian Skinning a large buck it was verry fat Sat Down by him tried to talk with him but Could not his littel pony Stood by the Side of him not tied atall I Sat by him till 29 he finished Dressing it he then put on his poney and was off Did not See one Drop of Water this Day but Good land first rate no under brush a grate many low plases timbered with poppel Willows Grows all over this bur Oak Opnens thay Call the Willow bottoms the best land it is now nite So I lay my Cors to git back again quite tired but have not Seen any thing that I like ______________________ Fridy morning Oct 1st Esther quite Smart the rest all Well Verry warm took bedient of south Went into the timber land tried to find bees took quite a round threw Country Went into the timber Opnens this is hevvy timber White Oak and 30 black Oak quite Scatring quite broken up With black ash Swamps A Good deal of Ash Verry nise a Grate many low Sunken places timbered with poppel went to look at a yoke of Oxen 11 acer on the West Shore of the Lake Did not by went into his Cornfield Stalks 12 feet hie Ears generally as hie as my head thare was one I Could not reach it was all hard he had a fine groth of potatoes but Verry much ingred with the rot this is the first time thay tell me the potatoes has been ingered with the Disese in the teratory Saw Sevral pieses of potatoes thay told me that thay ware all igered more or less 32 with but few Dised among them got Verry tired but that is nothing _____________________ Sundy morning Oct 3rd Warm and Verry pesant Esther quite Smart littel mary quite Smart the rest of the family all well Harret homesick my Self Well I trie to take all the Comfort I Can but that ant much _____________________ Mundy morning Oct 4th warm and Verry plesent I Call Esther Well the rest Call Well now we begin to take Comfort Helped bedient Dig potatoes after Sorting them We had 40 bushels Verry nise got Verry tired it was verry Warm wether ____________________ tuesday morning Oct 5th Warm and Verry plesent Esther weell and all the rest of us I Call Well but we 33 must go to mill got a grate family but Whare to the west mill was the reply to the Winebago Rapids 17 miles so we mustred round Got a yoke of Oxen Got a waggon put on 27 Bushels of Wheat and Was off Crosed fox rivver to Oskosh made no Stop the furs 3 miels is bur Oak Opnens Verry levvel Good Land next 4 miles is prara Levvel as the Otion but too low for Wheat I Should think but thay tell me it is first rate then Scatring timber White Oak And black Oak Verry large With Some few bur Oaks the land is quite Cut up With marshes Low Sunken places timbered With poppel and Willows all 34 all over this Country our Corse from Oskosh is North by East from 2 to 3 miles from the lake these timber Opnens and marshes and poppel Swamps and Willows Extends within 2 miles of the Grand Rapids I Saw Several piles of Corn a big groth Went into Several piles it was lite in Consequence of the frost not half Sowed Saw a Good Deal of Wheat Sowed it looked fine this 2 miles of Timber land it is hevvy timber principally White Oak and black Oak Some large Hickry trees full of under brush as bad a road as I Evver Saw it made me think of the Road from Shebaugen to 35 fondelack but as Good luck Would have it we Got through to the mill about Sun Down notime to talk We unloaded our Grist Went from 3 to 4 miles north on the West Side of fox Rivver to Stay all nite with Mr Neff Bedients particular friend after many Difacultes We got thare it was Verry Darke We Was Verry tired and the Oxen was no mistake but were ware used first rate Verry Clevver peopel after Supper being all tired we went to bed ___________________ Wensdy morning October 6th quite Cold at Mr Neffs all well and verry friendly we took a Walk before breckfast into the field whare a battel was fought 120 years Since With the 36 french and Indians this was once a large Indian Vilage but thay ware all Cut of and thare Vilage burnt thare was two thousand Slan at this battel of french and Indians the french Came Down from Green bay it is but a Short Distance on the East Side of the Rivver Oposite their Vilage on the West Side then Crosed Over Whare this Vilage Was it is a butiful Spot of ground it Covered about 10 Acers quite hie banks on the rivver Mr Neff Last fall Sowed this piese to wheat it looks butiful the Human Bones Whitens this Spot of ground all Over of all Directions I got a double tooth out of the left under Jaw that I put in my pocket picked up one of thare 37 pipes put that in my pocket the bones are all purty much broken up I Saw one [ ] bone it was whole but very much bleched With the Wether but they is one more Curiosety in this field that is a mound as thay Call them it was a Whare the Indians Caried thare Dead it was 6 roods round this mound Mr Neff told me that this fall when he was plowing round the foot of this mound this fall the point of the [ ] Cetched against Some thing he backed up and Clered a way the Dirt it was a large log 7 feet long it had been split into and Dug but it was full of human Bones he put it back again and Covered it up again then quit plowing but the horn blows for breck fast we must go 38 So we went and took a fine meal With much pleasure and Satisfaction With Our friend the house that Mr Neff lives in on the West bank of this rivver a butiful Situation was built by General Govermont in 1812 it is a block house built Verry Strong as a plase of Safty for the new Setlers from the Indians it looks as if it would be good 100 years yet. it stands 20 yds South of the battle field but we must Go the mile So we bid them good by We went to the mill Could get no grinding Short of two months so we traded 5 bushels of Wheat for flower and was off on the back track for home this 2 miles timber land is two low for wheat good grass 39 land it is thinly Setled all the Way thay have but just begun thary Book Verry poor you Can plainly See the ring of Corn for a grate Distance on a part of this prara a plane as You Can See them in Our corn fields You Could planly See Evry Hill Can planly See the rows of Corn in this bur Oak Opneng 2 miles before You git to the rivver all the Way as plane as you Can See them in our Corn fields and Evra hill it was planted With much Care the rows Verry strate about 4 feet apart Saw a number of these mounds as thay Call them Whare in antent times thay buried thare Dead it was Dark When We got to Oskosh we made no Stop 40 Went to the ferry Crossed Over Got home to Oskosh Verry tired but found all well Esther and Harret had been to Oskosh on a viset With Some Others _____________________ thirsdy morning Oct 7th notes a warm wether as it has been Esther quit sick the rest of all the family is Well Esthers viset yesterday was to much for her She ate 4 large appels not being used to eting them thay made her Sick We Sent for the Doctor I Was about the house all day got Bedient to begin to Dig a Well he Dug 7 feet on the Corse of the Day _____________________ Fridy morning Oct 4th purty Cold all well but Esther the Doctor Come this Day I helped Bedient Clean up Wheat this Day Cleaned up 40 bushels 41 it was butiful Wheat the nisest I Evver Saw Got Verry tired but no mattter _____________________ Saturday Oct 9th this is a butiful morning Esther is better the rest of us I call Well my Self and Bedient Went to See Samuel Bedients Land Went all Over it both lots Saw a grate many prara birds thay are a butiful bird travled Several miles in the Corse of the Day Did not See one Drop of Water in the Corse of their Days travel _____________________ Sundy morning Oct 10th a butiful morning Esther is better and rest of us all Well after breckfast my Self and Bedient took a look in a Diferent Corse we went up fox Rivver along the Lake Butimore went within 2 miles of the Lake it is Verry levvel principally 42 bur Oak Opneng Some hevvy marshes but no water quite Stoney in places mainly large round stones Some few Lime Stones Saw a man Diging a Celler it was about one foot of a black much mixed with Sand then about one foot of limestone Gravvel then into a Redish kind of Earth mostly Clay as hard as a Sement thay had to Cut it up With an axe thay tell me this is the Case all over this country we walked over a whet field Contaning 90 acres it covred the grownd thare was 40 head of Cattel on it 2 hores 20 Sheep the Owner Sayd thay Would not hurt it Like wise Several Smaler piges it all looked well Corn and 43 potatoes loked fine and the finest Catel about the woods I Evver See a grate many hogs but thay ware poor a hevvy frost this nite for the first Mundy morning October 11th this is a fine morning Esther is better the rest all well Harret is [ ] all the time after breckfast Bedient and my Self Went to Diging potatoes and finished them all of 200 bushels the nisest that I Evver See he has the bigest pumpkins that I Evver Saw Likewise butiful turnips fetches all his Water Over half a mile I Did not See one Drop of Water in all my travel Yesterday I Dont Like the Country but it is nite and I am Verry tired but it is no matter ________________ 44 Tuesdy morning Oct 12th Snows like fun all the fore noon but Did not Whiten the ground but quite Cold Esther quite Smart the rest all Well Bedient begun to Dig a well this Day Dug 7 feet it was butiful with verry rich _____________________ Wensdy morning Oct 13th Verry Cold Esther quite Smart about the house the rest all Well Bedient and mySelf Went to cutting Corn afternoon Went to Oskosh bought a Yoke of Oxen Yoke and Chain brought them home it was Evning _____________________ Thirsdy morning Oct 14th Esther quite Smart all the rest Well Helped Bedient Cut Corn Stalks 12 feet hie Corn all Sound the 45 bigest punkins I Evver Saw I Could hardly lift them I measured one of them it was 5 feet on Circumference _____________________ Fridy morning Oct 15th all Well purty Cold but We must trie the new Oxen Drawed up a [ ] of Wood then Went to Drawing pumpkins We Drawed five large hogs We found the Oxen Verry Smart _____________________ Saturdy morning Oct 16th Esther quite Sick again With the ague and fever the rest of us all Well I took quite a Walk With Unkel David Ford to See his plase it is a new plase it lays on the Lake Shore 4 miles from Bedients [ ] Some Distance on the lake Shore it is a butiful Shore of White Land this 46 is timber Land about one mile Wide this is hevvy timber White oak and black Oak heare is Something that Surprised me You Can planly See the rows of corn for a grate Distance and Evra Mill as plane as you Can See them in our Corn fields You Can planly See Evry hill the timber is hevvy I notised Some White Oaks that Was there Just through but it is nite so we Steer for home got thare quite tired ________________________ Sundy morning Oct 17th Esther is better and about the house the rest of us all Well I Went to meting to thare Destrict School house heard a Discorse from 2 of Kings 5 C. 12 Verse Verry good _________________________ 47 Mundy morning October 18th Esther quite Smart the rest all Well Cold and Some rane Bedient Worked in his Well this Day my Self about the house All Day Doing housework ___________________ tuesdy morning oct 19th Esther quite Smart the rest all Well my Self and Harret With Bedient Went to fox Rivver to See the Steem Saw mill Stayed Some time Saw along fox Rivver Whare thare had been large Corn fields Some Day the rows Was Verry Strate and You could planly See Evra hill but it is almost Dark ____________________ Wensdy morning Oct 20th all Well We must try the Oxen again so we went to Drawing of his Corn thay was verry handy and Smart Cattel ___________________ 48 thirsdy morning Oct 21st Esther quite Smart the rest all Well quite raw and Cold Wether this Day I Start for home by the Way of Watertown in Jeferson County So to milwaka hire Chester Ford to take myself and Harret Distance 110 miles for 46=0 to milwaka so at 8 Oclock we bid all of Bedients folks fare Well the Country South West of Bedients is Generally Good land but a grate many marshes but little timber and no Water untill You git on the head waters of Rock Rivver then the land is quite broken and Sandy got to Wappon at 5 Oclock and put up it was quite Cold this is 30 miles the South West part of 49 fondelack County first Days travvel ___________________ Friday morning Oct 22nd a butiful morning and this is quite a place I Went all Over thare Was 3 Stores that Did Some littel business the Country is first best for Wheat the Corn was butiful and all Sound at 4 Oclock We start and go into Dodge County Some part of this County is butiful Land but generally it is quite Cut up with Large marshes Slews and Swamps Without Water Went a Crost Roling prara 5 miles a Crost it is quite a Curiosity it is quite roling in many places it is full of [ ] look like hay stacks in many plases quite thick all Covered with [ ] Stone Verry White and large 50 it is a thin Sandy Soil With out any Water it is doted all over With huts and inhabitants trying to live quite a good deal of Wheat Sowed in plases it looks first rate leave the prara into timber opneng quite broken up With large marshes Slews and Swamps but littel tileabel land Leave Dodge County at 4 Oclock go into Jeferson County arrive at Watertown at 5 Oclock on Rock Rivver this is quite a business plase thare is fine water power two large flowing mills with a wollen factory Saw mills With Several Stores quite a business plase but Verry Sickly 50 miles to milwaka _____________________ Saturdy morning Oct 23rd this is a butiful morning in Jeferson County 51 from Water town 4 miles timber Opnens land quite broken then we git in to the timber land the timber is Verry heavvy mostly White Oak and black Oak Some hard mapel Some beach Some baseWood it extends 10 miles this is hard for new beginners I Saw White Oaks 5 feet through I Should think Verry bad Roads through the timber land but we got through after all then on to a prara 4 miles acrost this is good land large fields Sowed to Wheat it is a fine farming Country it is Caled the Summit but water is Verry scarse We Stopped to git a Drink but could git none Some of them told us that thay had haled 52 all thare water 4 miles this is quite high land a littel Roling but no timber then on to timber opnens quite broken with marshes Slews and Swamps next Comes Silver Lake the land is Verry broken this is Waukeshaw County next the twin Lakes and it is all broken up with Small Laks marshes Slews and Swamps What land thare is is Sandy and poor then We Cross fox Rivver Corse of the Rivver S. by West then 2 miles to Manerds Exchange on a Small prara 2 miles acrost Stay all nite this is a butiful place the band is high and a little roling thare was Hundreds of Acers 53 Sowed to Wheat it looked butiful this is the finest Country for farming purposes that I have Seen thare was plenty of Good Wells With Good water but no timber but we have put up _____________________ Sundy morning Oct 24th Harret Well my Self Well 14 miles to mil Waka I Was Well plesed with this plase thare Was hundreds of Acers Sowed to Wheat it lookes fine at 8 Oclock We Start for milwaka it is fine land till We got within 10 miles of milwaka then it is timber Opnens the land quite broken up With plenty of mill Seats all Over on Evry Side but no Water the Land poor quite Sandy thinly timbered With White Oak and 54 black Oak thinly Setted the inhabetants looks poor arrive in milwaka at one Oclock put up at the american Hotell all Safe Harret Well I Call my Self Well I have been in Wisconsin Over fore Weeks travling a good part of the time say 300 hundred miles in the teratory and I find nothing that I like thay have butiful Cattel and quite a good many of them all look Well but few good Horses Some large flocks of Sheep thay Was but indiferent a grate many hogs but Small and poor Wheat Generaly Whare I traveled looked Well ______________________ Mundy morning Oct 25th Clear and Cold but plesent Still in 55 Milwaka Harret Well my Self Well I Spend this Day in the City in travling all Over it is a butiful City handsmly located on the Lake Nature has Done much for this place and art is Doeing much it is quite a business place Splendid blocks of Stoors Well filled Doing a hevvy business handsom Streets Verry Strate but Dirty no mud thare Handsom Walks on both Sides of the Streets paved With brick Verry nise in the most business part of the City thare is Some Splendid blocks of brick buildings With Hevvy Stores of Goods it bids fare to be a grate City the City is located on both Sides of milwaka rivver 56 the Corse of the Rivver out of the N.W. to the S.E. thar it goes into Lake mishegan this Rivver is about 20 rods wide plenty of Depth for thare vessels Such as brigs Sconers and Sloops the most business part of the City is on the East Side of this Rivver thare is a hevvy marsh on the West Side of this Rivver Say 150 Acers that Comes Clere up to the City the Corporation had Over 100 teams Drawing in gravvel on to this marsh filling it up thare was acers and acers filled up and built uppon the american Hotell Whare I now Sit Was three years a go all marsh adjoining this house thare is a large blocks of brick 57 buildings it is quite a business part of the City the Sloops Sconers and brigs Runs up this Rivver into the heart of the City and Does A grate business the population of the City is 11000 _____________________ tuesdy morning Oct 26th this is a butiful morning Clear and plesent still in milwaka wating for the Louisianna on hir return from Checaugo my favorite steem boat Expect to leave this Day for home Harret Well I Call my Self Well after breckfast at 8 Oclock I took another Walk Over the City it has the apperance of a Commertial City on the atlantick to See the Sloops an Skoners from Diferent States Loding and onloding out of thare Storehouses 58 on both Sides of the Rivver thare Diferent (Commodates) here is the largest Store houses I Evver Saw I pased the frunt of One of them it Was 33 pases 4 Storys hie Well filled With Wheat paying for Wheat 80 Cents it was Doeing a hevvy business Several Other houses Simelar to it Doeing much business all paying Cash for Wheat thare was a grate rush With the teams You Could hardly Git along as fine Beeff in the market as I Evver See in Aubern and as good pork the most butiful fish I Evver See thousands of fruit of all kinds Verry nice Return to my bording house at 12 Oclock 59 quite tired but much plesed with the City took my Dinner and ate 2 Oclock took another walk through the City thare is 2 large flowring mills at this place that Does a fine business thay ar putting up a nother this Season the mill is 12 mile up the Rivver from the City With fine Water power on the Milwaka Rivver this City is all life and anemation it is now five Oclock and no Steembot Yet So return to my bording house at 9 Oclock leave Milwaka go on bord the Louisianna took on bord at milwaka 600 barrels of flower With may Other things quite a number of pasengers 61 Wensdy morning Oct 27th a fine morning Cleare and plesent out of Site of Land on Lake mishegan Harret Well and Well plesed I Call my Self Well but got no Sleep this nite at 10 Oclock in Site of land in mishegan it is quite ruff but plesent at one Ock take Dinner in Site of the maneto Islands quite plesent Harret See Sick took no Dinner my Self Well at 5 Oclock to South maneto island Stayed one hour took on wood Went AShore it is Verry barren and poor Verry plesant but littel wind Harret is better then Comes the Strates of markenaw pased the fort it was Dark I Could not See it _____________________ 62 thirsdy morning Oct 28th this is a butiful morning Clear and Warm Considerabel Wind but not Dangerous We passed fort macenaw at 3 Oclock this morning Stopped thare 20 minutes Did not go a Shore Verry Cold Some Snow Harret quite Smart took Some breckfast my Self I Call Well but Got but littel Sleep through the nite at 1 Oclock take Dinner Oposite thunder bay lite House in Lake Huron a hevvy See Roling but plesent at 3 Oclock in Sagenaw bay it is Verry ruff the Waves runs mountains hie the Capt Says thare is no danger for the wind is Verry Steddy __________________ 63 Fridy morning Oct 29th this is a butiful morning Clear and plesent Now in the Rivver St. Clare take breckfast Harret is well and Well plesed my Self Well not much Wind at this time at 11 Oclock at China in St Clare Rivver mishegan Side Stopped one our took on Cole the Rivver 1/2 mile Wide Went on Shore the Country both Sides of the Rivver is Verry levvel at 1 Oclock took Dinner on St. Clare Rivver the Rivver is narrow Say 50 rods With a hevvy marsh on both Sides the [ ] both Sides of the Rivver look Well quite hie banks both Sides at 5 Oclock in Detroit all Well Stayed 5 Hours Went Over the mane port 64 of the City it bounds on Detroit River 2 miles it it is quite a business place but no elegant buildings but hevvy Stores of Goods the first and Second Streets on the Rivver is quite low and filthy Cut the rest of the City is on handsom Ground but we are off _____________________ Saturdy morning Oct 30th this is a fine morning Harret Well my Self Well at 10 Oclock in Clevland Ohio Stayed 1 hour Went Some pies back it is quite Sandy and looks poor and Verry broken as far as I Went but it is quite a business place but we are off it is quite plesent and but littel wind at one Oclock take Dinner Oposite fare port or Grand Rivver Ohio 65 but littel Wind at 4 Oclock oposite Ashtabula all Well Verry plesent but littel Wind a t 6 Oclock in Buffalo all Safe Well plesed to See N.Y. ________________________ Sundy morning Oct 31st in Buffalo a butiful morning at 9 Oclock on a line boat for Jourdon Harret Well my Self Well at 2 Oclock at black Rock 4 miles this Side of Buffalo at 5 Oclock at tonewanda Vilage 12 miles this side Buffalo Warm and plesent Clere _______________________ Mundy morning Nov. 1st all Well in Look Port at 10 Oclock Stayed 3 hours Went all Over the plase it is a handsom plas and Does a hevvy business it is Wonderful to See What art has Done at this plase
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