Traveller's & Emigrants Guide To Wisconsin & Iowa.

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Admin/Biog History Traveller's & Emigrants Guide To Wisconsin & Iowa was published in 1838 and is one of the earliest editions to show the Territory of Wisconsin and Iowa. This small pocket guide and map would be indispensable to immigrants to the United States and pioneers moving westward, with its information on Boundaries; Face of the Country; Climate; Rivers; Lakes; Praires & Meadows; Groves & Timber Lands; Production of Soil; Animals; Birds; Fish; Minerals; Government; Morals & Education; Public Lands; Internal Improvements; Banks; Newspapers; Hints to Emigrants; Settling; Building; Land Speculation; Letters; Steamboat Routes; Counties & Towns; and Miscellaneous Information. A Few Hints to Emigrants states:

"Emigrants from Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Canada, New York, and the far northern parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, would find it to their advantage to go by the way of Lake Erie and Michigan, which not only would be the most pleasant, but also the cheapest and quickest. The general fare from Buffalo N.Y. to Green Bay or Milwaukee, in Wisconsin Territory is, in the cabin, from 20 to 25 dollars and deck passage from 6 to 8 dollars. The deck for such passengers is in the midship where they are protected from the weather, and they are also entitled to a birth, but no bedding; the latter and provisions they furnish themselves. Hundreds ands thousands of very respectable families, go as deck passengers, and thus they save one-third, of what they else would expend. This trip generally takes from 6 to 8 days. Emigrants from Virginia, Kentucky and other middle states bordering on the Ohio or Mississippi, generally take passage in one of the steamboats navigating those rivers. The fare from Pittsburgh to St. Louis in a steamboat, is from 20 to 30 dollars, in the cabin, and deck from 5 to 8 dollars. The fare from St Louis to Galena, Dubuque, Prairie du Chien or Helena, on the Wisconsin River, is, in the cabin, from 10 to 15 dollars, and deck, from 3 to 4 dollars. Another mode of emigrating is by land in large wagons and 4 to 6 horse teams. A gentleman lately from Wisconsin, who traveled through the western states, stated that the roads were crowded with families, and wagons bound for Wisconsin, and emigrating in this manner. Under all circumstances either by land or water, the farmer ought to take his teams and wagons along with him, as he will need them on arrival, and when travelling on the prairies of Wisconsin, he will find plenty of feed which costs nothing."
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Dates of Accumulation 1838
Abstract 1838 edition of "Traveller's & Emigrants Guide To Wisconsin & Iowa. by Henry I. Abel. Accompanied with a New and Improved map of those Territories, with the Addition of Parts of Illinois, Indiana & Michigan." published by Henry I. Abel, Philladelphia. The Book has three parts: Cover; map; and guide.
Category 8: Communication Artifact
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Object ID SC350.4
Object Name Map
Pub Date 1838
Pub Place Philladelphia, PA
Copyrights Public Domain
Size 22" x 29"
Subjects Maps
Emigration & immigration
Westward movement
Railroad travel
Title Traveller's & Emigrants Guide To Wisconsin & Iowa.
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