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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
1714-255 Button, Political     Baltimore, MD 1900-1920
1714-257 Button, Political     Chicago, IL 1900-1920
1714-274 Button, Political       1900-1920
2681-T1 Sash       Circa 1900
2681-T2 Pennant       Circa 1900
2681-T4 Pennant       Circa 1900
2681-T5 Tunic       1916
2681-T6 Flag       Circa 1900
2882-T2 Button, Political       1922-1922
2882-T3 Ribbon, Political       1900-1920
345-13 Hat       1918
2681-T11 Button, Political     New York, NY Circa 1900
2681-T12 Button, Political     Baltimore, MD Circa 1900
2681-T15 Block, Printing       1911-1911
I04.3.9.46 Block, Printing        
I96.3.27.4 Button, Political     Rochester, NY 1900-1920
SC618.19 Book Autograph Album Bras, Harriet "Hattie" May   1874
RG11.11 Constitution Constitution of the Equal Suffrage League of Oshkosh James, Sarah   circa 1911
RG11.38 Tag, Identification Convention Tag for Wisconsin Women's Suffrage Association Annual Convention     1917/01/17
P2000.32.1 Postcard, Photographic Fourth of July Float: Oshkosh Equal Suffrage league   Oshkosh 1912/07/04-1912/07/04
P2002.3.289 Cabinet Card Henry Ward Beecher     1870-1880
RG11.27 Blotter Ink Blotter James, Sarah   circa 1911
RG11.7 Notice Instructions for Suffrage Duty at the Polls on Election Day James, Sarah   11/5/1912
P2000.32.25 Print, Photographic Jessie Jack Hooper Miller   1908-1908
RG69.1 Book Jessie Jack Hooper Collection Hooper, Jessie Jack   1934-1940
RG11.78 Letter Letter James, Sarah   10/9/1912
RG11.81 Letter Letter James, Sarah   5/14/1911
RG11.87 Letter Letter James, Sarah   3/13/1920
P2000.32.22 Print, Photographic Office of the Oshkosh Equal Suffrage League   Oshkosh, WI 1911-1918
P1942.1.13 Tintype Oshkosh Artists   Oshkosh, WI 1886-1886
P2000.32.14 Postcard, Photographic Oshkosh Equal Suffrage league in their touring car   Oshkosh, WI 1912-1912
P2000.32.16 Postcard, Photographic Oshkosh Equal Suffrage league in their touring car   Oshkosh, WI 1912-1912
P2000.32.7 Postcard, Photographic Oshkosh Equal Suffrage league in their touring car   Oshkosh, WI 1912-1912
P2000.32.23 Print, Photographic Picket Line at the 1920 Republican Convention in Chicago International Film Service Co. Inc. Chicago, IL 1920-1920
6290 Painting Portrait of Jessie Jack Hooper Grenhagen, Merton    
RG11.14 Postcard Postcard: "WHY NOT LET MOTHER VOTE?" Wilder, Ralph/Sarah James   6/13/1914
P2000.32.27 cabinet card Rose C. Swart Nicholson, A. R. Oshkosh, WI 1890-1900
P2000.32.26 cabinet card Sarah James Ely, Cook Oshkosh, WI 1882-1882
RG11.21 Ticket Ticket for Lecture by Emmeline Pankhurst James, Sarah   11/6/1911
RG11.28 Bookmark Woman's Suffrage Bookmark Sarah James{Oshkosh Equal Suffrage League   circa 1915

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