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circa 1900
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Dress with two different bodices. Overall fabric is a yellow with a rust-colored poppy outline print, fitted floor-length skirt has front panels with gathered fullness draped to the back, 3 rows of yellow silk at the hem and back skirt closure with placket and hook and eye.

Bodice # 1 is a yellow silk bodice with a cropped jacket of the poppy print that extends just below the bustline and features a unique underarm side closure, full 3/4-length sleeves with yellow lace extensions.

Bodice #2 is very fitted of the poppy print, short sleeves with edges trimmed rust-colored silk organza ruffles, V-neckline edged with rust-colored velvet and trimmed with rust-colored silk organza ruffles, cream-colored lace ruffle down front (one side missing), unusual side closure of buttons.

Donors could not remember history of the dress in 2011.

Side note: The construction of the bodice closures is not typical of this time although the rest is sewn with skill. Could this have been someone experimenting with a new style.
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