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circa 1912
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Chase, Nia Sawyer
Multi-layered tunic-style gown. The bodice base is a pink coral-colored silk satin with brown chiffon coming from under the satin and creating shoulders and sleeves, over that is a metallic gold/silver lace extending from the shoulders to the sleeves to the pink coral-colored silk satin cummerbund, the lace continues to drape on the left and right sides of the bodice with 3 gold beaded balls attached to the extended ends, the sleeves and bodice front and back are lined with an off-white fine lace. The cummerbund has 8 round gold beaded balls hanging on the right side. An underskirt of the pink coral-color silk satin is layered over with a thin brown silk chiffon and toped with a layer of gold silk brocade. the gold brocade is looped in the back and draped to the front anchored with a ornamental knot of the same fabric. The gown has a hook and eye closure.

Dress worn by Maria Melvina "Nia" Sawyer Chase. Nia was born on July 18, 1865 in Fond du Lac, WI. She was the daughter of Edgar P. and Mary Jewell Sawyer. She attended Oshkosh schools and the Oshkosh Normal School. She married Charles Curry Chase June 2, 1886. She was not only very active socially but also participated in her father's companies; the Sawyer Company, Wisconsin Delaware Company and Sawyer Cattle Company in Texas. She had three daughters that survived; Jewell Chase Meredith; Eleanor Chase Fatio and Charlotte Chase Fenton. She lived her last year in Palm Beach, Florida and died at the family's Wisconsin summer home on Lake Butte des Morts named "Waldwic".

An interesting memory recorded by Oshkosh-native Laura Adams claimed that Nia Sawyer's complexion was so pale that one always saw Nia when outside wearing a red veil.
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