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circa 1869
Bassett, Caroline
Columbus, WI
Hoop-bustle style dress of black watered silk with a basque-style bodice fastened in front with 6 beaded black buttons made of crochet black thread and jet beads over a metal base. A decorative ruffle is attached to the center back and extends to and attaches at the center front. the bodice front over-laps to form a double V in the front. Fabric sewn to the side seams drapes back and is gathered at the center. the skirt portion is floor length with a placket closure in the back and a fancy hand painted china button of white and navy-blue.

* Watered or Moire silk: In textiles, a moire is a fabric with a wavy (watered) appearance produced mainly from silk, but also wool, cotton and rayon. The watered appearance is usually created by the finishing technique called calendering. Moire effects are also achieved by certain weaves, such as varying the tension in the warp and weft of the weave, or by running the fabric through engraved copper rollers. Silk treated in this way is sometimes called watered silk. Ironically if the material gets wet the watered effect will be come out.

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