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circa 1910
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A pseudo-tunic-style pink color-colored silk brocade satin of a large chrysanthemum-like pattern; the front panel is caught up and looped to the right side; a back train falls to form into a point with a pink cording and 2 weights; back underarms looped at waist to fall into 2 tail-like trains, underarms have a metallic silver lace with white chiffon and white satin lining; back of gown falls in a low V-shape; heavy beaded trim of gold, silver and pearl beads trim front and back of bodice and are the over shoulder straps falling into a free-hanging V at sides under arms.

Donors claimed dress used by member of the Cook family, whose home the YWCA had purchased in 1929. After some research it is thought that the dress was possibly owned and used by the last resident of the Cook homestead Madge Christie, sister to Jennie Christie (Samuel A.) Cook.

Madge Christie: Listed in the 1910 census as being single and living with her sister, Earline and a servant. She was active in many social and community groups such as the Federation of Women's Club and a member on the Library Board. Madge also traveled extensively. Many newspaper accounts were found with her name attached as host or guest.

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