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Florsheim, Mrs.
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
Rouff, Maggy
Strapless tulle gown. Scalloped bodice top forms a V at center front seam, horizontal gathers extend around the bodice to back zipper. Front bodice at hips forms an inverted V that slopes over the hips and down over the buttocks. The top tulle layer of the skirt is gathered and edged with a floral design outlined with gold beads; the left side is drawn up over a blue taffeta blow which is sewn under the skirt to highlight the floral design. The second pleated tulle underskirt shows beneath the top skirt and an additional 3rd underskirt add additional fullness. Label under bottom inside skirt layer on right side seam, white satin with black machine-embroidered: Maggy Rouff/136 CHAMPS ELYSEES/PARIS/MODELE DEPOSE/MADE IN FRANCE

Records show that Mary F. Luft of Oshkosh donated this gown claiming a Mrs. Florsheim wore to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. So far research has found no information on who Mrs. Florsheim was (and if she really attended the coronation or just some of the parties for it going on in London at the time) or how Mary Luft (now deceased) obtained the gown. It is not impossible that the Florsheim could be linked to the Shoe company family who came from Milwaukee, but no information has been found to confirm that either.

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