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circa 1912
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Ransom, Itola Baker Evans
Faux layered-look dress of purple and green striped silk fabric with a high waisted bodice attached to the skirt. The skirt front falls in soft pleats while the back, on each side, has extended pieces of pointed fabric folded back. Ornamental cord in the striped silk fabric is attached to the cummerbund-like waist and extends to front bodice and the skirt is decorated with 6 corded knots of the same striped silk fabric. The front bodice front closure is of cream-colored lace. The sleeves are in two layers, an under cap sleeve of cream colored-lace and over that a long sleeve of purple crepe. The long sleeve bottom edge is decorated with embroidery of heavy black floss and 9-round striped silk covered buttons The dress collar only falls to the back and is in three layers: the top one of rounded cream-colored lace, the next a triangle-shaped piece of the striped silk fabric and the last/bottom layer of a squared piece of purple crepe with corners (seen on either side of the triangle piece of collar) embroidered with heavy black floss.

Dress worn by Itola Baker Evans Ransom. Itola was born in Oct. 30, 1873 in Appleton, WI but moved to Oshkosh with her family around 1890. The 1900 census lists her as living in Oshkosh with her father and 2 sisters and in the 1910 census with just her father. In 1901 Itola was a teacher at the First Ward School and resigned from teaching in Feb. of 1907. May 8, 1907 she married John Evans and had two daughters, Mary Ellen Evans (William) Davis and Janet Evans. John died in 1923. Itola married George Ransom in 1928 after his wife Fannie died in 1927. Itola died in 1959.

In Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper:
Itola's obituary 3/4/1959
John M. Evans' obituary, Itola's first husband: 5/30 & 6/2 /1923
George Ransom's obituary, Itola's second husband: 11/28/1938
Announcement of Itola marriage to George Ransom: 8/28/1928
Fannie Ransom's obituary, George Ransom's first wife: 7/11/1927

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