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Behling, Ada Neubert
Hourglass-silhouette dress in a silk brocade of in a navy-blue, gold and tan wheat-like pattern and highlights on some of the navy oval shapes. The bodice is fitted and pointed at waist in the brocade while the "pouter pigeon" front and collar is a light green silk.The bodice has an usual type of leg-of-mutton sleeve that is sewn down showing a "Juliette-style" sleeve with light green silk. The skirt is a very full A-line bell-shape.

Worn by Ada Neubert (1880-1969). Prior to her marriage to George Behling (1878-1877) in 1904 Ada worked five years as book keeper for H.W. Weeden, druggist. At the time of their marriage George worked for the Morgan Company and the couple lived on Bent Ave. The couple had 3 children Mildred, Burton and Ava.

Wedding announcement: Oshkosh Daily Northwestern 6/23/1904 p. 2
Ada's obituary: Oshkosh Daily Northwestern 4/7/1969 p. 24
Husband George obituary: Oshkosh Daily Northwestern 2/16 & 17/1977

Hourglass silhouette: Waist smaller than shoulders and hem, in this case shoulders and hem exaggerated so waist looks even smaller.

Pouter pigeon front: Bodice front resembling that of a pouter pigeon's puffed-out crop.

Juliette-style: Long, tight sleeve with a puff at the top, inspired by fashions of the Italian Renaissance and named after Shakespeare's tragic heroine.
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Oshkosh Daily Northwestern 6/23/1904Oshkosh Daily Northwestern 6/23/1904