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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
1998.22.154 Pipe, Trade        
1998.22.153 Pipe, Trade        
I99.6.30.6 Pipe, Trade        
1378-28 Pipe, Ovoid        
1998.22.223 Pipe, Micmac        
5741 Pipe, Elbow        
1998.22.157 Pipe        
1998.22.234 Pipe, Disc        
1998.22.231 Pipe, Disc        
1998.22.236 Pipe, Disc        
1998.22.233 Pipe, Disc        
2592-134 Pipe, Disc       Pre 1941
1998.22.178 Pipe, Trumpet        
1998.22.179 Pipe, Trumpet        
1998.22.238 Pipe, Trumpet        
1998.22.230 Pipe, Trumpet        
1998.22.237 Pipe, Trumpet        
1998.22.229 Pipe, Elbow        
1998.22.235 Pipe, Elbow        
L268-9 Pipe, Elbow        
L268-8 Pipe, Elbow        
1998.22.222 Pipe, Ovoid        
1998.22.180 Pipe        
1416-29 Pipe, Elbow        
1998.22.225 Pipe, Micmac        
2111-178 Pipe, Disc        
2111-168 Pipe, Disc        
2111-169 Pipe, Disc        
2111-170 Pipe, Disc        
2111-172 Pipe, Disc        
2111-177 Pipe, Disc        
2111-180 Pipe, Disc        
2111-181 Pipe, Disc        
2111-182 Pipe, Disc        
2111-173 Pipe, Keel        
2111-176 Pipe, Tube        
2005.59.1 Pipe        
2111-174 Pipe        
2111-175 Pipe        
2111-171 Pipe        
1998.22.228 Pipe, Platform        

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