People of the Waters - Fur Trade
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Horn, Powder
Letter dated December 19, 1927 from Ernest Oshkosh, son of Chief Neopit Oshkosh, to donor (Ernest Oshkosh gave the powder horn to the donor):
"When my father Chief Neopit Oshkosh died in 1913 he left all of his records, medals and other valuable papers to me as chief of the Menominee Indians. But, unfortunately, our house was destroyed by fire in 1914 and the papers and relics mentioned were all destroyed with the rest of the home. And somehow this powder horn was saved in some way.
My father used to tell me this story with a laugh how the powder horn came to his possession. Just before the Civil War in the fall of the year he met one of the fur traders at the Fort Howard or Green Bay and the man was John Jacob Astor. Mr. Astor inquired about the beavers along the Wolf River and other places in the Northwest. At that time the beavers were still plentiful everywhere, hearing this good news Mr. Astor told my father that he wished he would save one nice and large beaver hide for him to make his fur cap and that he would let my father have one power horn full of black powder as part payment in advance of the beaver hide. My father used to laugh then and say by the way Mr. Astor never came to get his beaver hide which he had saved for him. My father often said with a smile that he still owes Mr. Astor about 1/2 pounds of black powder."

Stylistically, the horn tab over the plug for the attachment of the strap resembles horns crafted in the mid-18th century.
L-23.495 Dia-6.35 cm
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Oshkosh, Neopit
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