People of the Waters - Fur Trade
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The snow was deep in the forest and reached to the man's waist. Yet he knew that he must hunt, and that it was a long walk to where the deer gathered during the winter. He strapped on the snowshoes that his wife had woven for him. The rawhide webbing was beautifully done, tight and closely spaced. The hunter stayed on top of the deep snow as he headed into the forest.

Because it is almost impossible to walk through deep snow, Native people developed snowshoes. The wood was usually ash because it was easily bent, yet strong. The webbing was rawhide, which was supple and easy to work with when wet. Once it dried, it became hard and extremely strong.
H-2.4 W-38.2 L-119.5 cm
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Amy Maile Photography Copyright 2017Amy Maile Photography Copyright 2017