People of the Waters - Fur Trade
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Blacksmith made iron trade axe head. Stamped maker's mark of an X or cross in a square box. The ax probably has/had an iron body and a steel blade, but this is not evident.
It was truly a wondrous thing to behold and the man was both happy and proud with his trade. The Native hunter turned the iron axe head over and looked again at this innovative tool. The edge was so very sharp, and he smiled when recalled that he had cut the little sapling with two quick blows. The hunter knew that this axe was going to make his life a little easier, and he continued to be astonished that he had gotten it from the strange man for just a beaver skin.

When Native people began trading for things like axes, knives, needles, files, brass kettles, and cloth, the change it brought was revolutionary. To a person who had spent their life using stone for cutting, steel was an incredible gift. Once Native peoples used these things, going back to the old ways was not easy or even possible.

Animal pelts, wild rice, birch bark, and other things now had monetary value. They were a way to acquire tools and finery that came from Europe.
Fur Trade
H-4 W-7.6 L-15.4 cm
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Amy Maile Photography Copyright 2017Amy Maile Photography Copyright 2017