People of the Waters - Fur Trade
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Reed/bull rush on jute warp. Natural, purple, and green dyed reed/bull rush wefts. Banded linear design of purple, natural, and green. Selvage side edges. End edges are finished in jute, one has fringe.

This is probably the mat referred to by Mary Jane Overton in her oral history, OH2005.1, in which she related a visit to Louise and Charlie Dutchman's cabin on the Menominee Indian Reservation, probably late 1920s or early 1930s:

"M: Yeah. She (Louise Dutchman) was teaching the young girls how to make rush mats. And she had a little one about yay long and that wide (Mary Jane held her arms up and apart approximating the size of the mat) that the little girl had finished and given to her. So then she gave it to me. I was just a, probably a kid no bigger than the one that had made it. And we had been, like every kid you ask about how do you say this, and how do you say that. So I remember, I said, [Wah-wahnee], which made a big hit because that was the thank-you in Menominee.
J: It must have impressed her. Do you still have that mat?
M: Somewhere. In the sedimentary accumulation."
Plant material
W-61 L-102 cm
Dutchman, Louise
Overton, Mary Jane
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