People of the Waters - Fur Trade
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Knife, Carving
Traditional crook knife used by Great Lakes tribes.A crooked knife is just a knife with the blade bent up at the end along the flat surface. This lets the user whittle concave surfaces into wood. This tool is held with the blade coming out of the bottom of the fist, and pulled toward the user. The short arm of the L being a thumb rest. Handle made from hard maple.
No other tool could do as much as the crook knife and was a common item during the Fur Trade. Because it has a curved blade, it could carve bowls and spoons, as well as make bows and shave canoe paddles and a host of other tasks. It is pulled toward the user and the thumb rests on the short arm of the L handle. Crook knives are still used in Alaska and Canada because they are so practical. This was collected on the Menominee Reservation.
Menominee Indian Reservation
H-10.551 W-0.945 inches
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Amy Maile Photography Copyright 2017Amy Maile Photography Copyright 2017