People of the Waters - Fur Trade
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Flintlock military type belt pistol with 6.5" long tapered round iron barrel of about .62 caliber held with an iron pin 1.375" from muzzle. Brass blade front sight .500" long. Rounded tang with through-bolt to trigger plate. Tang engraved in script "No.7". Hand forged iron trigger has slight curve. Stocked in black walnut. Forestock missing 1.625" behind muzzle, and stock is cracked back to ramrod thimble, which is loose. Crack behind lock plate. Hand forged lock with flat faced lock plate 4.75" long; faceted pan. Remains of flint and leather pad in cock jaws. Yellow brass sideplate, trigger guard, lower thimble, and butt cap held with one iron screw. Ramrod hole is .315" diameter where it enters thimble and ramrod is missing. Metal parts have wonderful, deep, rich patina. Because this pistol is based on a military design and has a tang number that suggested a number of similar pieces were produced, this may have been a pistol produced locally for militia use. As a further indication of military application, the brass sideplate is reminescent of the French 1763 Charleville pistol and the general appearance is similar to the 1808 North pistol.
H-6.299 L-11.811 inches
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July 2011 After restorationJuly 2011 After restoration
July 2011 After restorationJuly 2011 After restoration