People of the Waters - Oneota
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Antler, Unworked
The great bull elk had fallen to a single, well-placed arrow. The elk's death would feed many people, and the hunter honored the animal before he started to cut it up. The bull had died not far from a deep, cold spring; a place the man knew was an entrance to the underworld. He severed the elk's head and placed it in the spring as an offering.

These remains were found in a farmer's field northwest of Oshkosh in what had been a spring or sink hole. These places were seen as a gateway to the underworld. A more practical story is that the cool spring was a place to cache the elk remains to keep it from spoiling before it could be eaten. One antler shows evidence of being cut with a stone tool. It was radio carbon dated to about the time Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World.
Winnebago County, WI/Winchester Township, WI
Circa 1500
H-24 W-41 D-36 inches
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