People of the Waters - Woodland
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Pipe, Platform
The pipe was much more than just a way to smoke the sacred tobacco, for smoke carried the pleas and prayers of the people into the sky to the Great Creator. The man handled the pipe with respect and dignity. The light green stone had been carefully and artfully carved and polished because the pipe was very important. As the smoke rose in the sky, the thunder beings, who craved tobacco, would carry the people's request to the Great Creator.

This circa 2000-year-old pipe is carved from steatite, also called soapstone. This stone is not found in Wisconsin. Soapstone was easy to carve and resisted heat. The pipe is finely made and may have been created by a specialized artisan.

The platform pipe is a diagnostic artifact of the Hopewell Interaction Sphere (circa 200 BC to 500 AD) that was centered in the Ohio River Valley but its trade and belief network extended over most of central and eastern North America. This pipe was found in Winnebago County, WI.
Winnebago County, WI
Pickett, James G.
Woodland, Middle
200 BC-500 AD
H-4.3 W-3.1 L-10.2 cm
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Amy Maile Photography Copyright 2017Amy Maile Photography Copyright 2017
Amy Maile Photography Copyright 2017Amy Maile Photography Copyright 2017
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