People of the Waters - Paleoindian
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Projectile Point
Plainview/Browns Valley; blade has been resharpened; haft edge grinding; Galena Formation Chert, unheated.
Just as you might know something at a glance, archaeologists can often do the same with points. Archaeologists can usually tell you what stone the point was made of and where that material is found. They can tell you if the point was resharpened or reworked in order to continue the artifact's use.

Points are sorted based on how they look, when they were made and where they are found. Sometimes a point doesn't fall into any category, like this one. It's similar to an Agate Basin point (circa 8500 to 7400 B.C.), a Plainview (circa 8000 B.C.), and a Browns Valley point (circa 8000 to 7000 B.C.) What is it?

What is certain about this point is that it is made of Galena Formation Chert which is found in southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, southwestern Wisconsin and far northern Illinois.
Paleoindian, Late
W-2.4 L-6.3 D-0.7 cm
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