People of the Waters - Paleoindian
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Projectile Point
Eden point. This specimen would fit perfectly into an assemblage from Nebraska or Dakotas; this point was probably made on the Plains and either brought or traded into Wisconsin: extremely well made by a skilled flintknapper; cross-sections are very diamond shaped; central ridge, formed by uniform truncation of collateral flaking on both sides of point; possibly the original size, no resharpening; light haft edge grinding; Knife River Flint (from the Dakotas), heavily patinated, unheated (most likely); Cody Complex.
This point, called an "Eden Point," is a late Paleoindian and is probably 8,000 to 9,000 years old. This point is made of Knife River Flint which is only found in the Dakotas. It was probably made on the Great Plains, and was crafted by an extremely skilled flintknapper. The point was either brought or traded into Wisconsin. It was found in Green Lake County.

Eden points have been found in the western United States as part of bison kill sites.
Green Lake County, WI
Paleoindian, Late
W-1.9 L-11.4 D-0.75 cm
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